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Your First Visit

WHAT to expect if your first visit is with the HYGIENIST

•  Discuss your Concerns (Address any immediate pain or issues)
•  Full Set of Radiographs
•  Gum Measurements/Oral Assessment (How healthy is your foundation for your teeth)
•  Meet Doctor Hyder or Doctor Niad
•  Start to Develop a Personalized Treatment Plan

What to expect if your first visit is with the DOCTOR

•  Discuss and Address any Concerns
•  Talk about your Goals and what you want from your Dental Experience
•  Full Head and Neck Exam
•  Oral Cancer Screening
•  Occlusal Evaluation (How do your teeth function)
•  X-Ray Evaluation (Do you have any issues that you cannot feel)
•  Intraoral Pictures (What do your teeth Look like)
•  Start to Develop your Personalized Treatment Plan

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