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Frequently Asked Questions

But I only want my teeth cleaned…..

I would love to be able to get all the tartar removed today, but we 1st have to assess the health of your supporting structure. If all the tissue and bone level is healthy then we will start the cleaning process today and get you on an appropriate maintenance program for you.

My other office already did that…

Although we can’t be sure of what your previous office did…In our office we like to provide a standard of care for all of our patients to establish a baseline. This information will help us determine the appropriate treatment needed to achieve optimum oral health based on your goals.

Am I getting my teeth cleaned today…?

Depending on the amount of disease present in your mouth and your comfort level we will try to get as much accomplished as we can today. We respect and value your time and want to provide you with the best care possible. Occasionally it takes more than one appointment to help us reach a state of health.

Do you take my benefits (Insurance)…?

As a courtesy to you we would be more than happy to have our benefits coordinator look into that for you. (Please see the enclosed page on Dental Insurance)

Why do I have to have a separate exam with the Doctor…?

We first want to make sure we address any concerns you may have about dental treatment to assure you are getting what you want as well as what you need. Try not to underestimate all that your dentist is doing. Tooth decay is one small part of what we do. Included in the comprehensive exam is a head, neck and oral cancer screening, checking function of muscle groups, lymph nodes, thyroid, occlusion (the way the teeth bite and function) and any signs of medical disease that often show as presentations in the mouth. Your dentist may be the first to pick up on a serious health issue so the exam is quite thorough and very important to more than just your oral health.

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