Meet our Doctors

Meet Todd C. Hyder, DMD

Dr. Todd Hyder was born and raised in McMinnville. After graduating McMinnville High School he attended Villanova Univeristy just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While at Villanova Dr. Hyder met the girl of his dreams (Ashley) who was planning on attending medical school after graduation.

Dr. Hyder ended up attending dental school the same time Ashley was attending medical school, fortunately at the same university. When deciding where to start a family and set up a practice, McMinnville seemed like the perfect fit.

Dr. Hyder and his wife, Ashley currently have three children: Laney, Cameron and Addison. In their spare time they enjoy spending time with family and golfing when the weather allows.

Meet Michael A. Niad, DDS

Dr. Michael Niad grew up on the east coast in the suburbs just north of New York City. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and the State University of New York at Stonybrook for his undergraduate studies. As an avid tennis player, he rose to play #1 singles, team captain and 1990 team MVP.

While preparing for the MCAT exam to apply to medical school, Dr. Niad's friend Wolfgang, who was a year ahead of him and applying to dental school, convinced him to take the DAT for practice as the exams were very similar. Needless to say the exam went very well and Dr. Niad was recruited by SUNY Stonybrook Dental Medicine after only three years of college.


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